29-30 Sept. 2017 - PARIS, STATION F


All around the planet, a new generation of entrepreneurs and business players is growing, rethinking the standards and creating solutions for a better world. 

At the crossroads of business, innovation and impact, ChangeNOW takes positive change to the next level, and organizes the 2.0 summit of the impact world. Our mission: to boost game-changing solutions with funding, customers, partners and visibility.


At ChangeNOW, it’s all about the solutions you are developing, and the actions to make them successful. We focus on innovations addressing global issues with a viable business model and real potential to scale.

Stands & demos, pitch sessions, one-on- one meetings, networking sessions, keynotes, roundtables, recruiting sessions, press conferences and much more ! At ChangeNOW, we go far beyond talks and ideas : we ACT and create concrete value for our changemakers.

At ChangeNOW, we believe you are all actors of change, whether young social entrepreneurs, large corporates, philantropists, VC funds, journalists. Come and meet, exchange, collaborate and build together in this vibrant 2 days event.


A unique place to build strong business connections:

• Strategically situated in the city center of Paris
• 940 m² of exhibition hall, 3 stages and meeting areas
• Easy access: subway 6 & 14, 5 minutes from train station and 30 minutes from airports






« Each industry has its own international annual convention. It is about time impact has its own. » 

ChangeNOW is the place for you, changemakers, to connect and share your vision with like-minded and inspiring individuals across industries and geographies. A unique experience to take the impact ecosystem to the next level and empower business as a force for good.







3 000 +



20+ countries represented: 

USA, Canada, Burkina Faso, Mali, Morocco, Haïti, UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Lithuania Netherlands, Greece, France...


ChangeNOW praises changemakers and innovations answering to the most urgent Global Issues of the XXIst century,
with practical, high-potential and sustainable solutions.

A place in Norway to safeguard the world agricultural biodiversity.
A 300m-high tower made of wood in central London.
World's first energy-harvesting smart street.
First solar airplane to have made the world tour. The alliance unites innovations to address climate change.
A web platform using AI and data vizualisation to help youngsters find impactful sustainable jobs.
Unique combination of 3 words that identifies any 3m x 3m square on the planet.
Woodoo rebuilds wood at the molecular level to make it the most performing material of the 21st century.
Boosting Wind and Solar energy performance using big data and Artificial Intelligence
Affordable and solar-powered geodesic domes for sustainable buildings.
Promoting 3D printing as an answer to societal needs, with low cost 3D prothesis
Making animal farming more sustainable by transforming  insects into protein
Accelerating the transition towards zero emission mobility through an 80 day race around the world
Building a more sustainable food system with urban farming.
Reinventing education through visual tools and methods.
Modular containers turning organic waste into energy.
They plant, they grow, you harvest.
Immersive experiences to leverage virtual reality for empathy and citizen engagement.
Ensuring the access to energyless products to people living in the most remote areas.
Hydrogene generator that cuts cars engine emissions by 95% and increases fuel efficiency by 25%.
Converting wastes into awesome brand-new clothes with a beautiful impact on People and Planet.
Making cancer a curable disease through early detection and prevention.
Patented technology which diffuses natural sunlight indoors using fiber optic cables.
Sharing a meal with a child in need with a simple tap on your smartphone.
A tower that produce drinking water from the air almost anywhere in the world
Reducing anxiety and pain with clinical hypnosis virtual reality
Mobilising the international tech community to respond to the refugee situation.
Saving 100 000 lives from malaria with a mosquito-repellent soap
AI and auditive VR to improve the autonomy of visually impaired.
A balloon that brings electricity in disaster zones
Innovative solar solutions to provide clean & collaborative energy to off-grid communities
The barcode scanner that makes home recycling a fun, rewarding, and convenient routine.
A device to offset the « social handicap » of people with high functioning Autism in their professional life.
A vessel designed to collect oceanic plastic near the coasts.
Real-time data analysis to consume less water, produce better and discharge less.
Saving tones of CO2 with a mailbox cleaning solution.
High performances yet low cost environmental sensors, for citizens, workers, smartcities, smartindustry.
A global online education platform for tech and digital skills, making education accessible to all with online degrees
Protecting the planet and saving money with a platform to share purchases.
Your personal assisant to change your habits and preserve the environment.
The largest network of experts in educational innovations
Bringing nature to work, to improve happiness and togetherness at work.
Manufacturing of furniture from responsible materials, in a collaborative way.
9 examples of alternative schools, educating empathy, creativity, cooperation and self-confidence beside fundamental knowledges.
An expedition to reduce marine pollution.  
An app which enables to save food, save money and save the planet.


Meet successful changemakers and thought leaders, gathered at ChangeNOW to share their visions,
their experiences and support game-changing solutions.

Managing Director WWF France
Co-founder of RAISE & president of the Women's Forum
CEO at Techfugees
World Alliance Director at Solar Impulse Foundation
Architect of the Timber Tower and Partner at PLP Architecture
Director, Impact Investment at Clearly So
Co-founder and director of 80 Day Race
Co-founder & CEO of  Connected-Eco
Co-founder & CEO at Pixis
Founding member of Accenture's Refugee Talent Hub
Executive Director & President at Khan Lab School
CGON.FR Intl Project Director
Head of @Pavegen LIVE
Co-founder and CEO at SEaB Energy Ltd
Founder of WHo CAREs !? and writer for Conscious Magazine
Founder of social innovation and impact prog 'ChangeMakers'ON'
Co Founder at WeChangers
Senior Vice-President Innovation & Energy Efficiency at TOTAL
Executive Director, Direction Fonds propres PME at BPI
Programme Lead, Innovation Accelerator at World Food Program
Vice-President Europe of the Epic Foundation
Co-founder of RAISE & founder of Barclays Private Equity France
CEO & Managing Partner at Seventure Partners
Partner at Kois Invest
VP Global Brand Strategy at Adidas
Co-Founder of Peas and Love
Co-founder and France Director at Too Good To Go
Co-founder & CEO at Hopaal
Co-Founder and CEO at mJasiri
VP Digital and Innovation for the Marketing & Services Division at Total
Head of Global Initiatives at the Crop Trust
CEO and Co-founder of Go Energyless Solutions
Co-founder of 2L2T and political designer
Co-Founder & CEO at what3words
General Manager and co-founder of Ecole 42
Co-founder of the Sea Cleaners Project
Education expert and CEO at Play Bac
Founder of Alter Eco and Pur Projet
France Country Leader at ASHOKA
Founder & CEO at Meteo*Swift
Head of Share The Meal initiative
Founder & CEO of HundrED
Filmmaker, "Une idée folle"
CEO at FoxIntelligence
Founder of Sparknews
Co-founder and director of ShareIT.io
COO at Ulule
Co-founder & CEO at Zephyr Solar
CEO at Enercoop
Director of Operations at Faso Soap project


Take part in a thriving ecosystem of organizations sharing the same goal: make the world a better place.

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According to the values of ChangeNOW, the carbon footprint of the event will be fully compensated by Pur Projet via a conservation project of the forest of Peru, certified VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) and CCBA (Climate Community Biodiversity Alliance) . You can see the forest here ;)


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