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ChangeNOW praises changemakers and innovations answering to the most urgent Global Issues of the XXIst century,
with practical, high-potential and sustainable solutions.

The revolutionary textile brand producing yarn blends and filling made with Kapok, the most sustainable fiber in the market
The awareness raising-day on alternative ways of consuming launched by Envie in opposition to Black Friday
The elimination of the idea of waste by recycling even the "non-recyclable"
The fuel-saving connected solution for vehicles to reduce the human footprint
The living lighting energy, coming directly from nature, at the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology
The organization recycling cigarette ends to turn them into useful furniture
The decomposition of plastic bags made faster by using wax worms
The use of biomimicry to develop the world's most simple, affordable and efficient rainharvesting tool
The use of hemp fibers to replace concrete, build roads and isolate houses
The smart house where lodging has not only a housing function but produces energy, manages its use, ensures eco-mobility
The select-store of beautiful ethical brands
The first plastic flooring 100% recycled & recyclable. Essentially composed of plastic trashes, it's a quality and an aesthetic floor
The company providing a secured solution to companies to move toward Zero-Waste. Everyday it collects tons of unsold goods and…
The company equipping grocery stores with solutions to distribute liquid products in reusable bottles
The no nail, no screw, no glue system, like an intuitive and logical game to build a passive and ecological…
Aesthetic, integrated & efficient PV solutions for façades and more. When innovation unleashes the potential of solar energy in BIPV