BtoB meetings

Meet your future investors, innovators, customers and partners, and accelerate your growth!

On 30 & 31 January, 5000+ BtoB meetings will be organized inside Le Grand Palais to help you meet your future business partners.




All attendees with a 3-day pass* can access our dedicated AI networking plateform, and have the opportunity to:

  • See the catalogue of BtoB participants
  • Send / receive meetings invitations
  • Get 15-minutes speed-meetings scheduled on site on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 January, once invitations are accepted


I already have a 3-day pass

I haven't registered yet

Once registered, you will receive your access for the BtoB meetings directly per email within 2 to 3 days.
Only attendees registered with a unique email address can access the BtoB meetings platform.

*except student passes


  1. Once registered with a 3-day pass at ChangeNOW, you will receive your access to the networking platform, directly per email, within 48h to 72h.
  2. Activate your account on the ChangeNOW networking platform and create your password
  3. Update your profile and your presentation sheet
  4. You can go on the catalogue of participants, and start sending your meetings requests!
  5. Check your member area on a regular basis to see your invitations on my meetings tab, to accept or refuse meetings requests. Once a meeting has been accepted, our networking service will schedule for you a 15 minutes speed-meeting at ChangeNOW in a dedicated place. You will receive your meetings calendar directly per email, 2 days before the summit.

Please note that:
- As no automatic alerts will be sent once a request is received we encourage you to check your member area on a regular basis. You can follow-up your meeting requests in my meetings section. 
You have the possibility to select the time slots when you will not be present via the Program section. (By default, you are registered as attending the whole day). 
Some accepted appointments may not be scheduled due to lack of common availability. 


During the summit:

  • You will benefit from the live management service of your planning: you will be informed in real time of any changes to your agenda through notifications.
  • You will be able to make new appointments during the event. However, we recommand you to send your requests before the summit, to maximize the chances of your request being accepted, and having common availabilities.

After the summit:

  • You will have the possibility to download the contact details of all validated appointments, whether scheduled or not.



I already have a 3-day pass

I haven't registered yet