From targeting zero waste to integrating innovative solutions directly in the summit,
discover our actions to offer both an innovative
and a social & eco-friendly summit



We limit all sources of waste during the event


Reducing foodwaste with Le Chaînon Manquant

Le Chaînon Manquant upcycles the food which might remain at the end of the event, by giving it to those in need.
Find more at: http://lechainon-manquant.fr/lechainonmanquant

Reducing furniture waste with Co-Recyclage

Co-Recyclage provides tools to help events and companies optimizing reusable resources and reducing waste.
Find more at: https://www.co-recyclage.pro/

Transforming foodwaste with Upcycle

UpCycle transforms foodwaste into amazing compost for local farmers.
Find more at: http://www.upcycle.org/

Avoiding plastic pollution with Eau de Paris

Eau de Paris provides daily high quality water to its 3 million users. Using Eau de Paris’ tap water is ecological and economical and is the best way to tackle plastic pollution.

For more information : www.eaudeparis.fr and www.parisdeleau.fr

Reducing single-use with Reconcil

Reconcil will provide re-usable dishes to our foodcourt, enabling us avoiding a lot of waste! 
Find more at: https://www.reconcil.fr/


We measure and manage our carbon footprint


Reaching carbon neutrality with EcoAct

EcoAct is an international sustainability consultancy providing businesses with a range of best-in-class sustainable solutions. We are thrilled to welcome them as our main partner helping us reaching carbon neutrality.
Find more at: https://eco-act.com/


We bring nature to the city!


Bringing nature with Greenmood

Greenmood will bring nature to the Grand Palais with fully preserved natural plant products combining aesthetics with high-level acoustic absorbance.
Find more at: https://greenmood.fr/

Greening the stage with Merci Raymond

Merci Raymond's mission is to reconnect urban people with nature benefits. We are thrilled to design with them an amazing garden stage hosting our Heroes of Change!
Find more at: https://merciraymond.fr/


We implement ecodesigned solutions to the summit


Upcycling industrial waste with Maximum

Maximum will lend us design sits made from industrial scraps! 

Find more at: https://www.maximum.paris/

Upcycling air balloon with La Tête dans les Nuages

La Tête dans les Nuages will lend us bean bags made from upcycled air balloon textiles! The best way to chill out during a break between two activities.

Find more at: https://www.ltdln.com/


We support environmental action, and so do you!

Planting one tree per ticket with Reforest'Action

We are thrilled to partner with Reforest'Action, committing itself to plant one tree per ticket bought.

Find more at: https://www.reforestaction.com/change-now-summit


We provide delicious and eco-friendly food and beverage to our participants

Supporting artisanal production with Les 2 Marmottes

Les 2 Marmottes will provide you with delicious and artisanal tea.  

Find more at: https://www.les2marmottes.fr/

Providing fresh fruits with Les Paniers de Léa

Les Paniers de Léa is specialized in local and fresh fruits and smoothies... Fancy to order a fresh juice?

Find more at: https://www.lespaniersdelea.com/

Enjoy fully all the benefits of ChangeNOW summit!