Discover success stories from the previous editions!

ChangeNOW was designed to drive increasingly more resources towards concrete solutions for the planet.
During the event, we make sure that projects meet with stakeholders with the potential to help them grow and scale their impact : investors, suppliers, partners, talent, media... 

Discover few exemples of the stunning connections entrepreneurs did on the last edition!

We raised money

«We raised our first 3 million euros at ChangeNOW!»

Blue Ocean Partners

«A business angel we met at ChangeNOW invested in our company»


We partnered with cities

«The city of Amsterdam asked us to work on a projet, to collect and recycle biowaste within the city.»

Les Alchimistes

«We met the city of Braga (Portugal), and work to develop vegetative canopies in the city center.»

Urban Canopee

We found new customers

«We met the leading delivery company in France,  and became one of their suppliers of electric terminals.»


«A global energy group asked us to promote diversity in the workforce.»


We created synergies with other projects

«I met Plastic Odyssey and Zephyre & Borée at ChangeNOW, and we are now working together to install offgrid cooling solutions on their boats.»


We received media visibility

«We came live on national TV!»

Urban Canopee, in France
The delegation of Dubaï impact entrepreneure, in Dubaï

«We were invited to radio interviews and had great articles on national print magazines. »

Meet My Mamma

We joined strong networks

«We met the Solar Impulse network and got labeled afterwards!»

Eugene by Uzer
Urban Canopee

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