From targeting zero waste to integrating innovative solutions directly in the summit,
discover our actions to offer both an innovative
and a social & eco-friendly summit



1- We limit all sources of waste during the event


No plastic badges

Although you may need to hold your badge during the summit, we committed to finding alternatives to plastic badges

  • Our 2-day passes are REVOLUTIONARY badges: No plastic holders, and printed on...stone paper! No wood, no water, no toxins. Just stones.
  • Be identified with a nice & eco-friendly bracelet on Saturday

No plastic bottle

Have a drink at our trendy "Water Bar", and get fresh, local and plastic-free water & lemonade.

Limited printed signage

Printed signage is fully part of your experience at the summit... but as it usually turns into waste after events, we decided to limit its usage as much as we could.

No wasted water

Coming from Brazil, Piipee will help you discover alternatives to flush, and how to save tons of water!

2- We sort and recycle remaining waste


Recyclable glasses and cutlery

In partnership with Plastic-Free, the 6,000 glasses and 1,000 units of cutlery used during the summit are 100% recyclable (always put comas in thousand figures)

We sort and recycle cigarette butts

In partnership with Greenminded, get a funny way to sort your butts and leave no trace behind you

We sort organic waste

Organic waste is precious. Help us sort it. Our partner Love Your Waste will collect it and turn it into energy and compost.

We upcycle other waste

From upcycling decorations into bags, to providing raw materials to artists, we make sure unavoidable waste is not wasted!

We raise awareness among the participants

In partnership with GameChangers and Yoyo, participants will have the opportunity to test and improve their waste management


1- Our food is made by migrants or refugees



5 countries represented

In partnership with Meet My Mamma, 5 groups of "mammas" emigrated from 5 different countries will provide food to 1,000 participants every day.

2- We make the event accessible to all



200 passes offered to students and underpriviledged 

In partnership with various associations, we favor access to the event to students and underpriviledges


Enjoy fully all the benefits of the ChangeNOW summit!