We asked 5 international artists, Rachel Marks, Caroline Desnoëttes, Johé Bruneau, Kasper Brejnholt Bak, and the Ocean Sole Africa organisation to contribute works, most of them created exclusively for ChangeNOW 2020, in response to climate change. 



Artists are inspiring changemakers, they have the ability to translate emotions and spread the beauty and the urge for change, better than anyone.

by Rachel Marks 



Rachel Marks is an American artist, performer and dancer living and working in Paris.



by Kasper Brejnholt Bak

MIND THE EARTH increases awareness about the challenges the world is facing in terms of climate change, population growth, urbanization and management of the limited resources of our planet in a broader sense. 

The exhibition at the Grand Palais and on the Parvis of the Hotel de Vill consists of satellite images which create new perspectives on the global challenges facing our planet. The exhibition’s pictures and accompanying texts focus on the challenges, dilemmas, and international best practices in order to accelerate and influence the debates we need to initiate on all levels of society regarding the way we use the planet’s finite resources.

MIND THE EARTH is a non-profit organization founded by Danish architect and urban planner Kasper Brejnholt Bak.
by Caroline Desnoëttes is an ode to versatility and connectivity. Braiding the algae together is a reminder of how all living beings make for a common fabric, a network. Algae were the origin of all life on Earth, producing oxygen, and are still a huge carbon sink today. Designed for ChangeNOW, also responds to the Grand Palais' Art Nouveau ornaments.

Making a net out of algae confronts the phytoplankton-formed oil (and plastic) with the invaluable source of solutions for change: Ascophyllum nodosum are commonly used in the Health, Nutrition and Cosmetics industries.

This work by Caroline Desnoëttes was made possible thanks to the Roscoff Marine Station managed by the Sorbonne and the CNRS National Research Center, and the Ecomusée of Plouguerneau workshop.

by Johé Bruneau

Johé Bruneau is a member of the Precious Plastic team. By making art objects from recycled materials, he is highlighting the links between lowtech technologies and craftsmanship.

Johé Bruneau will showcase 5 “manifesto” objects made of recycled plastic “that are an invitation to debate”. Created with the open-source community Precious Plastic, the artist questions the value of this material, an everlasting waste.

Through his creations, Johé Bruneau has recycled 1 ton of plastic on 2019.



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