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Carbiolice has successfully created an innovative, unique and universal green solution for PLA based plastics. #EcoPackaging
Natural Hydrogen Energy is exploring geological sources of clean, sustainable and non-fossil hydrogen #Energy
InnoVentum develops renewable energy solutions such as hybrid wind-solar systems, wind turbines and PV solar panel installations. #SustainableCities
Pili builds powerfull enzymes to transform sugar into colors to produce pigments to use in textiles #SustainableFashion
PlanetCare filters are specifically designed to catch fibres shed from textiles and clothes during washing and drying. #WaterAndOcean
Hyperloop is a new mean of transportation at speeds over 1000 km/h inside low-pressure tubes. #Mobility
Sustonable introduces the world's first circular composite stone #CircularEconomy
Qwarzo aims to replace an important part of plastics that end up in the ocean with a natural and biodegradable material: Paper #EcoPackaging
BambooLogic Europe B.V. aims to realise the first bamboo plantations in the European Union #Biodiversity&Agriculture
Natural Fiber Welding has created a platform where once-used natural fibers could be fortified to use again and again. #SustainableFashion
Surround Vision is an award-winning, full service VR & AR production studio based in London #ChangingHabits
Back Market gives access to thousands of electrical and electronic products refurbished by certified professionals. #ChangingHabits
Reflaunt increases customers’ purchasing power and helps consumers enhance sustainability in the fashion industry #SustainableFashion
Fleurs d'Ici, the first French slowflower brand. Have ultra-fresh, creative and fragrant bouquets delivered anywhere in France. #ChangingHabits
Tidal energy is a renewable energy, EEL Energy's technology can be applied to all types of aquatic current. #Energy
The expedition around the world against plastic pollution on board the first ship to advance thanks to plastic waste. #WaterAndOcean
Zephyr & Boree designs and operates innovative trading vessels to offer low-carbon transport solutions #Mobility
Rent a parcel of vegetable garden maintained for a year and become a member of a positive community #FoodandAgriculture
Litterati empowers people to clean the planet #SustainableCities
Clariter turns plastic wastes into advanced oils, solvents and waxes #CircularEconomy
Kermap models the human activity and natural dynamics of your territory #SustainableCities
Lizee is a solution to kickstart your rental business #CircularEconomy
With a Joulia shower drain, you can enjoy your warm shower and save energy at the same time! #Water #EnergyOptimization
Eodyn understands ocean dynamics and builds new solutions to protect the environment #WaterandOcean
Desolenator is the world’s first solar-thermal desalination technology that can produce of high quality, low cost water. #WaterAndOcean
Bioma is a company active in the production and commercialization of "Chemical free“ and "GMO free“ products for Agriculture. #Biodiversity #Food
Aqua Abib has created the first sustainable system to separate water from its solutes to generate water and products #Water
Oxford PV is the pioneer and technology leader in the field of perovskite solar cells #SustainableEnergy #EnergyOptimisation
Advanced waste conversion solution producing the most climate positive bio-based materials on the market #ZeroWaste #CircularEconomy
The zero waste delivery solution that replaces disposable packaging with tracked reusable crates #CircularEconomy
Off Grid Box is an all-in-one system using solar energy to purify water and distribute energy. #Energy #Water
This 1st hydrogen vessel is striving for full energy autonomy and zero emission of greenhouse gases or fine particles #SustainableEnergy…
The solution to turn leather off-cuts destined for landfills into a new high quality material #CircularEconomy #ZeroWaste
The solution designed to make the city breathe and fight against air pollution #Biodiversity #ResilientCities
Bioceanor has developed the first underwater weather station for real-time and predictive monitoring of water quality. #Water #TechForGood
The first solution allowing consumers to receive products from international brands in reusable packaging. #CircularEconomy #NewPackaging
This solution uses a technology that revolutionizes this relationship: the stronger the sun, the cooler it gets. #EnergyOptimization
The international search engine that plants trees! #Reforestation #CarbonCapture
The first machines that enable anyone to make cool things from plastic, thereby eradicating plastic pollution at home #CircularEconomy #FightingPlasticPollution
The Eureopean leader of scanning apps for healthy food. #TechForGood #FoodTech
The innovative and affordable ointment against mosquitoes carrying malaria. Winner of the WHO Africa Innovation Challenge 2019 #Health
This disruptive electric motor converts directly solar energy into mechanical energy without electronics in off-grid sites. #SustainableEnergy
The delivery returnable packaging service. A reusable packaging that does not ship any air, saves money and nature! #CircularEconomy #ZeroWaste
Sustainable and affordable ecoblock homes: already 180,000 housing all over the world. #SustainableMaterials #Inclusion
The first water soluble and biodegradable thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein! #NewPackaging #FightingPlasticPollution
New material alternatives from mindful use of marine by-products. #CircularEconomy
They transform the available spaces of organizations into sustainable agriculture areas. #UrbanFarming
An innovating service to integrate biodiversity and nature-based solutions in organization activities #Biomimetism
The B:bot machine is a innovative plastic bottles collecting solution that totally reinvents the deposit system #CircularEconomy #ZeroWaste
Engaging companies and citizens towards climate change by contributing to reforestation projects. #Biodiversity #ConsumersBehaviours
This deposit system of bottles is the environmental and economic perfomant solution to fight against packaging single use #CircularEconomy
Providing its users with a 25% economy potential: this unique tool makes the electricity visible and understandable #EnergyOptimization
The virtual reality training courses to learn and practice first-aid techniques and save lives #Health #VirtualReality
Hydrao is the world's first smart shower that enables significant water and energy savings #Water #EnergyOptimization
A pioneer mentorship for school students and apprentices from modest backgrounds #Education #EqualRights
A platform enabling people to connect with others to "give, trade or sell all the extra production in their garden"…


NIU is developping innovative and ecological sunscreens, who fund coral reefs, beach & dive cleaning #Oceans #Corals
Tookki is a new sustainable cityguide to limit your ecological footprint #Tourism #Consumersbehaviour
An app designed to bring the National Congress closer to all Brazilians. #ConsumersBehaviours #Inclusion
ETIA provides plants to create biomass, food products and industry residues, which are widespread in different sectors. #Energy
Inovaya develops innovative and sustainable solutions in order to enhance communities’s autonomy and secure work’s partners. #Health
Urban Forests creates native forests made only of native treesin order to restore the environment with incredible life #Biodiversity #UrbanFarming
Foodito is an app that allows supermarkets to list overstocked items and informs customers which helps reduce food waste. #Food
Guilt-Free Eating aims to replace single use food delivery packaging and promote consumer awareness for less wasteful consumption. #Food #ZeroWaste
Inverse Logistics is an application that connects construction sites, large generators of waste metal, wood and plastic. #CircularEconomy


Lía is an e-commerce that sells eco-beauty box delivered in a bioplastic bag, substituting plastic refill packages. #ZeroWaste #FightingPlasticPollution
Using IA and nudge, this B2B Chatbot enhances sustainable behaviors of collaborators. #ConsumersBehaviours


The 1st sneakers using recycled tire for soles: 3 pairs produced = 1 recycled tire #CircularEconomy #SustainableFashion
The first application to avoid waste in collective restaurants using special algorithms #Waste
Airseas has created and automated kite that tows ships in order to save energy cost and gas emissions #SustainableEnergy #WaterAndOcean
Be.Benefits provides access to personal care products and encourages recycling of the waste produced by this market. #CircularEconomy #ZeroWaste
Hello Planet allows you to support an NGO while watching your favorite content about the planet. #ChangingHabits
Oorja is a company focused on providing sustainable solutions for industrial and commercial heating and cooling. #SustainableEnergy #EnergyOptimization
Carenity is a website where you can exchange, talk, and support people who are affected by a disease #Health&Well-being
EH Group Engineering’s main activities are primarily focused in the area of hydrogen fuel cells #Energy
With myLabel, you influence the product offers of companies to make them evolve in the good way #ChangingHabits  
An innovative, reliable and efficient technology that propels the shipping to the height of environmental issues #WaterandOcean
Wipsea uses digital camera to survey fauna populations thanks to automation of photo capture #WaterandOcean
A modular landscaping that proposes management of rainwater by creating vegetation in public spaces. #SustainableCities
Lyspackaging is specialized in the creation and manufacture of biodegradable bottles. #Packaging
Skilllab proposes an artificial intelligence driven skill assessment to better integrate refugees into labour markets #Inclusion&Education
myWater hydration station provides a sustainable and cheaper alternative to bottled water while on-the-move #WaterAndOcean
Green Gen Technologies has created the bio-sourced and recyclable bottle, developed from flax fibres and vegetable resins. #EcoPackaging
Kiitos exports software out of Palestine and Gaza to provide good living conditions for locals. #InclusionAndEducation
Lambda Energy is a R&D start-up that develops spectral converters for boosting the power output of solar panels. #Energy
Littomatique facilitates the daily life of natural space and territory managers by using digital tools and tailor-made solutions. #WaterAndOcean
PowerUp proposes an advanced battery management and monitoring solutions #Energy
Pur Projet's mission is to regenerate ecosystems to support local communities and strengthen value chains #BiodiversityAndAgriculture
Ubiblue is the first clean and innovative chillers based on magnetocaloric effect for cooling and wasted heat purposes. #Energy
ViJi provides a solution for brands to avoid undeclared outsourcing during the shaping stages of clothing and footwear. #SustainableFashion
Sustain'Air creates a natural air-conditioning by using Desiccant Evaporatibe Cooling (DEC). #SustainableCities
Biomede allows you to regenerate your soils with plants by using the phytoextraction #BiodiversityAndAgriculture
SolZero develops industrial solutions for the reuse of containers in food #CircularEconomy
Thanks to The Treep you can book a multimodal door-to-door trip quickly and gradually become carbon neutral. #Mobility
UpTrade offers you a solution for your fabric stocks and allows professionals to create their products from existing materials. #SustainableFashion
With Greenspector raise your applications up to your business goals: Measure, benchmark, improve. #ChangingHabits
Home Exchange is the world's first home exchange community #ChangingHabits
The Camp uses electric vehicles, drivers can be paid by redistributing the energy stored in their car. #SustainableCities
Squiz offers a reusable alternative to single-use food pouches 100% made in Europe #ChangingHabits
Microdon proposes to your customers to make a micro-donation at the checkout for the benefit of your partner associations. #ChangingHabits

And much more
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