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Advanced waste conversion solution producing the most climate positive bio-based materials on the market #ZeroWaste #CircularEconomy
The zero waste delivery solution that replaces disposable packaging with tracked reusable crates #CircularEconomy
This 1st hydrogen vessel is striving for full energy autonomy and zero emission of greenhouse gases or fine particles #SustainableEnergy…
The solution to turn leather off-cuts destined for landfills into a new high quality material #CircularEconomy #ZeroWaste
The solution designed to make the city breathe and fight against air pollution #Biodiversity #ResilientCities
The first solution allowing consumers to receive products from international brands in reusable packaging. #CircularEconomy #NewPackaging
This solution uses a technology that revolutionizes this relationship: the stronger the sun, the cooler it gets. #EnergyOptimization
The international search engine that plants trees! #Reforestation #CarbonCapture
The first machines that enable anyone to make cool things from plastic, thereby eradicating plastic pollution at home #CircularEconomy #FightingPlasticPollution
The Eureopean leader of scanning apps for healthy food. #TechForGood #FoodTech
The innovative and affordable ointment against mosquitoes carrying malaria. Winner of the WHO Africa Innovation Challenge 2019 #Health
This disruptive electric motor converts directly solar energy into mechanical energy without electronics in off-grid sites. #SustainableEnergy
Using IA and nudge, this B2B Chatbot enhances sustainable behaviors of collaborators. #ConsumersBehaviours


The 1st sneakers using recycled tire for soles: 3 pairs produced = 1 recycled tire #CircularEconomy #SustainableFashion
The first application to avoid waste in collective restaurants using special algorithms #Waste
Sustainable and affordable ecoblock homes: already 180,000 housing all over the world. #SustainableMaterials #Inclusion
The first water soluble and biodegradable thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein! #NewPackaging #FightingPlasticPollution
They transform the available spaces of organizations into sustainable agriculture areas. #UrbanFarming
An innovating service to integrate biodiversity and nature-based solutions in organization activities #Biomimetism
The B:bot machine is a innovative plastic bottles collecting solution that totally reinvents the deposit system #CircularEconomy #ZeroWaste
Engaging companies and citizens towards climate change by contributing to reforestation projects. #Biodiversity #ConsumersBehaviours
This deposit system of bottles is the environmental and economic perfomant solution to fight against packaging single use #CircularEconomy
Providing its users with a 25% economy potential: this unique tool makes the electricity visible and understandable #EnergyOptimization
The virtual reality training courses to learn and practice first-aid techniques and save lives #Health #VirtualReality
Hydrao is the world's first smart shower that enables significant water and energy savings #Water #EnergyOptimization
A pioneer mentorship for school students and apprentices from modest backgrounds #Education #EqualRights
A platform enabling people to connect with others to "give, trade or sell all the extra production in their garden"…

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