ChangeNOW 2017  


What if we increase the sens of empathy, caring and purpose in the business space ? Conversation with Fanny Letier, Executive Director of Accelerators program at BPI, and Amandine Lepoutre, Co-President of Thinkers & Doers. Moderated by Nora Gherbi.
Discover the Chief Caring Officer with Nora Gherbi, the founder of WHo CAREs!?, a New York based international caring initiative.
Presentation of Enercoop, one of the first energy companies based on 100% renewable energy.
As a leading investor in healthcare and microbiome, Isabelle de Crémoux shares some advice to raise funds.
In this short discussion, Santiago Lefebvre explain why and how he launched ChangeNOW to build a Positive Impact ecosystem which could boost the solutions to improve the world.
Pascal Canfin, Managing Director of WWF France, presenting the WAG (We Act for Good) app at the DAY1 closing session of ChangeNOW Summit 2017.
A new model of Open Innovation is being sucessfully developped: the Social Open Innovation. Julien Fanon explains this new big bet and shows how Social Entrepreneur is becoming the new startup.
After many years of R&D, CGON presents a new technology reducing the CO² emissions of any car by up to 80%. Discover the whys and the hows in this talk by Igor Turevsky, from CGON.
Pioneer of green business since the 1990s, Tristan Lecomte explains the concept of In-setting and shares learnings and insights from his last 20 years as an entrepreneur.
Discover the fantastic adventure of Plastic Odyssey to fight against plastic pollution in the Oceans, with co-founder Simon Bernard.
Frank Manders adapts Jules Verne's classic "Around the World in Eighty Days" to offer a adventure for new generations : The 80 Day Race, a race around the World with Zero-emission vehicles.
TheSeaCleaners is the world's biggest boat dedicated to gather plastic from the ocean.